I thought that Wealthy Affiliate was a scam| 2018 review

Have you just come across the Wealthy Affiliate program and want to find out if it is a genuine system to earn money online?

Maybe, like me, you have known about Wealthy Affiliate for some time and are still unsure whether to sign up in case it is just another online scam.

Well I can confirm that you have absolutely nothing to lose apart from a few hours of your time.

Please read my review of Wealthy Affiliate below to find out more:

Why join Wealthy Affiliate?

Perhaps you have received an email or visited a website that prompts you to enter your name and email address in order to join the program as a free member. There is absolutely no risk whatsoever during this first step of joining a large community of over one million members who are available to help you on the way to online success.

Initial Free Membership

As stated at the Wealthy Affiliate website you will not be charged any money for becoming a member of this program.

You can learn how to build your own website using WordPress using the free training provided for you as a member and make two professional looking websites absolutely free with the name of your choice.

You will be able to publish these websites totally free of charge at the hosting company SiteRubix and start trading online with your new or existing business right away.

My own site at Wealthy Affiliate was listed on Google within one week of joining as a free member and could be found easily anywhere in the world.


Premium Membership

Throughout your time as a free member in the first week at least you will be prompted to sign up for Premium Membership.
You are in no way forced or obliged to pay for Premium membership and your time as a free member is not over. You can remain as a free member and continue building your online business at Wealthy Affiliate indefinitely without paying a single cent.

However, for less than one dollar per day you can become a fully paid up Premium Member and have access to the full program.

The Benefits of Becoming a Premium Member

If you decide to upgrade to Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you will immediately have access to what is probably the best platform to help businesses of any size on the internet today.

I first got into Affiliate Marketing in 2016 after a long break off work to take care of my family. It was certainly difficult to make any money online by just going it alone and had I discovered Wealthy Affiliate from the beginning, it would certainly have saved me many months of struggling to make ends meet.

Just look at what you will get with Wealthy Affiliate if you upgrade to Premium Membership:


  • Option to build and publish up to fifty websites with WordPress on a great hosting platform which is the most advanced in the world.
  • Ability to contact and gain tips and advice from the owners of this program Kyle and Carson.
  • 24/7 support from a large network of highly experienced online entrepreneurs and people just starting out in the world of online business.
  • Top quality tuition which is easy to understand which can help you become an expert on Affiliate Marketing and online trading.
  • Live Classes every week which can be replayed at anytime to suit your schedule.
  • Access to some of the best performance tools available online to help you build and market your business successfully.
  • Hosting platform where you can buy domain names and use them to build new websites and/or businesses
  • Membership of Jaaxy for professional keyword research included.
  • SEO Tips, articles and training on virtually anything to help your online business become a successful one.


Is it a Scam?

I have seen many so called “Business Opportunities” and “Get Rich Quick Schemes” since the 1990s when I first started using the internet and I can honestly say that Wealthy Affiliate is certainly one of the lowest risk programs that I have ever come across.

Of course, it has drawbacks, but at the end of the day the success that you achieve is totally up to you. As a free member you can have total control of your business with virtually no investment, simply by using the services available to you at Wealthy Affiliate.

For less than a dollar per day you can have full access to all the features of the program which you will find are a fraction of the cost of going it alone.

My only suggestion is that you try this program as a free member and work through the lessons provided. If it is not for you then there is no need to continue and you have lost nothing other than your time.

If you decide to continue with the training you will be able to upgrade to Premium Membership at your leisure enabling the full potential of the program or simply carry on as a free member. You will be able to keep your website to use as you wish for your business even as a free member. You will also be able to add to it as you become more confident with the WordPress platform.

If you sign up using the link below you can evaluate Wealthy Affiliate for yourself totally free Today. If you should decide to upgrade during the first week of membership, you will qualify for a 60% discount off the first month.

So why not try out Wealthy Affiliate totally free today and see what there is to offer. No up sales if you do not wish to take advantage of full membership and you will own 2 websites including free training and advice to use as you wish.


Remember “You are the master of your own destiny” so Click Here to get started with your online business today!



If you have any comments or ideas regarding Wealthy Affiliate or this website please leave your feedback in the comments below.


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