Finding the best solution for your website

Whether you are planning to build/update your own website or enlist the help of others, there will come a time when you will need a good Hosting company in order to display your site to the world.

I have been working on the internet for many years now and have used many companies to host my websites.

Here I would like to share some of my experience in order to show you what I think is the best deal online at the moment.

What to look for.

There are many choices when you are choosing the ideal company to host your website.

Always look for something that you can afford. Just because a service is inexpensive, doesn’t always mean that the product is not good.

Think about the size of your site and what features you will need such as shopping carts, photo galleries, video, file storage etc.

You will need enough space to include all your files in one place so look for a package to suit your requirements at a cost that will also be within your budget.

Your requirements

Take a while to think about the general look of your site, what features/services you want to provide and the general impression that you want your visitors to get about you or your company.

If you are planning to sell products or provide a service where you will be asking for user’s personal information you will almost certainly need an SSL certificate on your site so that your visitors can be sure that their details are being used responsibly. The certificate can be purchased separately for use on your website but it is so much easier if this feature is included in your hosting package.


Check out what kind of support is provided by the hosting company. If your site should go offline at the weekend or any time that would be inconvenient for you or your customers, you will expect the problem to be removed as quickly and simply as possible.

This has happened to me several times in the past and there is nothing more annoying than lack of support. Not to mention the potential loss of business due to an offline website.

Sending a support request on a Friday afternoon and not even getting a reply until at least the following Monday is most certainly not acceptable.

Building your own site versus using Professional Services.


Of course, it’s so much easier to enlist the help of a web designer to take care of all your needs regarding your website rather than do it all by yourself. However, this can sometimes be very costly and you will not have complete control over your final creation.

These days, building a professional looking website by yourself is not too difficult if you are able to read, write and follow simple instructions.

I have built several sites using only basic software like notepad or some other text editor. This can be very time-consuming and fortunately, there are now programs available free or relatively inexpensive that can assist you in creating your own professional website that will look good on any platform, whether it is PC, tablet or mobile device.

Recently I have been using WordPress to build my websites and a professional result can be guaranteed virtually every time whatever your ability.

There are other platforms and programs in use at the moment such as Drupal and Joomla but WordPress is the most popular due to ease of use and availability which is all free unless you have the need to buy an exclusive theme for your website.


Of course, there is a lot more to consider when finding the best hosting company for your website and if you wish to research in more detail, there is a wealth of information available to you just by doing a few searches on Google. However, my intention here is to give you a brief summary of what you will need in order to own your own website and perhaps be your own boss and earn your fortune online.

It was my own ambition almost 20 years ago to be able to work anywhere in the world and be financially independent.

Now it is so much easier due to the growth of technology and inexpensive travel.

In those 20 years I have used many hosting companies of varying services and cost.

  • Currently, I am using Greengeeks to host most of my websites and have found them by far the best company to use for my requirements. They provide a service that is really hard to beat at a price that will suit even the tightest budget.

Please check out what Greengeeks have to offer by clicking on one of the links/banners on this page. You won’t be disappointed

If you need further information or have any thoughts on this topic, please leave your comment below.

Many thanks,

Malcolm Scott





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