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Malcolm Scott

Malcolm Scott

Hi, My name is Malcolm Scott and the owner of YourOnlineBiz. I would like to welcome you to my new website and tell you a little about myself and my goals as well as helping you get your own online business off the ground.

How it all started

I grew up in a small English seaside town in the 1960s and after leaving school at 16 I had no idea what I wanted to do as a profession. I had many interests that included Archaeology, Electronics, Chemistry, Biology and Music. Unfortunately I didn’t perform too well with my exams in school so when I left, I just plodded along with a job that I had first started in a gift shop at weekends and school holidays.

My main duties were restocking counters in a busy shop and occasional work on a market stall. I remember being very bored at the time and even though the pay was not so good, I stuck at it for several years.

On reading the local classifieds one day during my lunch break, I spotted an ad requesting a Bass Guitarist for work in a local holiday camp. I had played keyboards for a while at home but had no experience in playing any kind of stringed instrument and felt that I lacked the confidence to perform in front of an audience. Nevertheless, I decided that day that my aim in life was to get out of my dull existence at work to become a professional musician. On my next available day off work I went shopping for a cheap secondhand bass guitar.

I soon found the kind of instrument that I could afford and for many months after that I spent most of my spare time learning how to play and soon was in a band with a few friends who were also looking for a way out of their “dead end jobs”

My first band lasted just over one year until we all ended up frustrated and almost hating each other. I then branched out and played with a lot of other local musicians and was becoming quite accomplished at my new-found occupation. The next year I quit my day job and became a professional musician touring the country with a few semi famous people.

Unfortunately this was very short-lived and within a year I found myself back at home with no permanent job no prospects and most important of all, no money. I then signed up for a government training course in Electronic Servicing. I left college with a few qualifications and started my own business repairing musical equipment. It wasn’t hard to find customers as I knew most of the local musicians and soon built up a reputation as “Mr. Fix-it” I also gained work from all the music shops in the area and installed many sound systems & lighting Installations in clubs and pubs around the UK. I hadn’t totally abandoned my musical roots and carried on for many years playing Bass with several bands on a freelance basis.

Still, I felt my life was going nowhere and I went back to selling gifts on the local markets, only this time I was my own boss and had a successful business with my then girlfriend who was also my business partner. My passion for all things technical was revived by the internet around the late 1990s and I learned how to build websites using a free online program. This was a pretty basic drag & drop system and I soon wanted to find out how it all worked. I purchased a book about HTML and began editing my site with notepad. I soon became quite proficient at this and built a website where I could sell my products online.

A New Career Online

My new method of selling products online quickly became successful. I had virtually no competition, was well ranked in Google and it seemed that the whole world was my playground. I had learned from my days in the gift shop that the best-selling products could be acquired at a much better price directly from Asia and started buying silver jewellery and most of my stock from Thailand. This meant that I could also travel in order to source new products and suppliers.

I was very bored living in the UK and enjoyed the chaos of Asia as well as the warmer climate. Sitting by my fire at home one day in England, I made the decision to sell everything that I had and move to Thailand. At the time, I was making more money online than the market stall and so continued running the website while I was living abroad in my new-found environment. I met my current wife and together we opened a small resort in a remote part of Phuket, Thailand catering mainly for backpackers.

Sunset at the beach

Phuket Sunset

The jewellery business took a back seat for a while as we became busy with the resort and I did not have the time to invest in two businesses. Using my online experience, I created a website for the resort in Thailand from which we still sell accommodation at the beach. Our son Matthew was born in 2012 and after a brief period working in Ireland we returned to Phuket to settle once more at the beach.


Time to get back to work.

I have spent the last five years taking care of our son Matthew and as he is now at school here in Phuket, I have time to return to my online business activities. I now have several successful websites which sell a whole range of different products via affiliate marketing.

The purpose of this website is to pass on some of the knowledge that I have gained over the years in an attempt not only to make money, but to help others who may be struggling or just starting out in the online marketplace.

I have been working recently as a website designer and have used many platforms and hosting companies during my time since building my first site. If you are planning to open a website for your business, club, band, organization etc, I can help you find a good hosting company, build the site for you or even help you with advice on building your own website.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Malcolm Scott

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